Range Hood Grease Filters

  • Available in most residential and commercial STD sizes
  • Comes in 3/8/12mm depth thicknesses
  • Constructed with Aluminium mesh and frame
  • All sizes manufactured to order

Range Hood Filters are manufactured to any size required and come in a range of standard sizes that fit most residential applications. should be cleaned with soapy water every 3 months or so, to retain the life of the filter and remove excess fat and oil build ups. Plastic tube tabs for easy removal which slides in and out of range hood.

used mainly for residential ducted range hoods for the retention of fats and oils. Can be used side by side or individually. applications include: Offices, Shopping Centres, Residential homes and appartments, Hotels, food outlets etc.


MultiChoice Code Common Size 8mm Most Common Sizes Used Size Contruct
Size Size Mesh Pull Tab
RH 100x290 172x805 -188x478 290x394 - 305x380 345x582 Yes Yes
RH 170x497 215x457 - 280x362 315x553 - 335x430 358x431 Yes Yes
RH 172x508 282x334 -288x362 360x575 - 316x553 362x435 Yes Yes