Media & Auto Rolls – Cut Pads

  • Various Grades of Rolls G2-F6
  • Cut Pads in sizes of choice
  • Auto Rolls in Square or Round Spool
  • Auto Roll sizes in 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft
  • Spraybooth Media inlet and outlet,  also fibreglass media
  • All sizes manufactured to order including with oiled and scrim backing

Bulk Media Rolls are supplied in sizes to customer needs. A Cost effective way when needing bulk cut pads for panels or Media Rolls for protecting banks of filters. Colours usually reflect the grade of the media.

Mainly used in small to medium air conditioning systems. Filter media are usually fitted into permanent holding frames with gates. Applications include : Gated panels, Switchboards, Spraybooth, Generators, Industrial, HVAC Commisioning etc.


MultiChoice Part Media Colour Dimensions Grade Texture Efficiency AUTO ROLLS
Size Dimensions
Media all with scrim
MR4 Blue 20m x 2m Disposable G4 3ft - MR11 820mm x 20m
MR6 Grey 30m x 1.2/1.6m Washable G2 4ft - MR11 1120mm x 20m
MR9/12 White 20m x 2.1m Disposable G4/F5 5ft - MR11 1420mm x 20m
MR16/18 Yellow/White 20m x 2m Washable G3 6ft - MR11 1720mm x 20m

All sizes and widths available. Please contact MultiChoice Filters for pricing and availability.