Holding Frames

  • Available in Galvanised or Stainless Steel
  • Comes in various sizes - Standards are 610x610x50 or 610x305x50
  • Combo Frames available to support a Pre-Filter and Final Filter - 75-100mm in depth
  • All clips to suit filter incl. Bevel, Spring and P-Clips etc.
  • All sizes manufactured to order

Holding Frames are fitted permanently, usually into plenums to form as a bank of filters or individually. Filters are usually around 10-15mm smaller than the frame size for easy installation. Combo frames are also available in Galvanised or Stainless Steel. Can be fitted with gasket seal and clips to suit filter application.

Mainly used in small to medium air conditioning systems including: Office Blocks, Shopping Centres, Residential, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical, appartments, Hotels, Food Industry and Industrial etc.


MultiChoice Code Frame 50/75/100mm Overall Frame Size Seal & Clips Filter Size
Full Size mm Half Size mm Full Half
HFG1 Galv. 610x610x50 610x305x50 Yes 595x595x45 595x295x45
HFG2 Galv. 610x610x75/100 610x305x75/100 Yes 595x595 Combo 595x295  Combo
SSHF Stainless 610x610x50/75 610x305x75/100 Yes Ind/Combo Ind/Combo