Honeycomb Grease Filters

  • Contructed in 50mm Aluminium frame with a honeycomb core
  • Removes grease and oils from hood
  • Can be supplied with handles for easy removal and installation
  • Can be washed many times over
  • All sizes manufactured to order

Honeycomb Grease Filters are designed for use in many cooking applications. they are constructed with a strong aluminium frame and corrugated honeycomb core. Each corner has holes for the drainage of excess grease and oils, which is collected from the exhaust hood. it is designed to reduce the build up of fats and oils and can be cleaned easily.

Honeycomb Grease Filters are used mainly in the cooking Industry for the removal of grease and oils from the range hood. businesses like KFC, McDonald's, Hungry Jacks and Various Restaurants etc.


MultiChoice Code App. Honeycomb Face Velocity m/sec Resistance/Air Flow
Grade Common Sizes in 50mm Clean Nominal Air Flow
Pa L/sec
HC (Size) Rangehood Washable 295x495 - 395x495 1.8 – 2.5 25 360-490
HC (Size) Rangehood Washable 495x495 - 395x622 1.8 – 2.5 25 610-760
HC (Size) Rangehood Washable 595x595 - 495x750 1.8 – 2.5 25 890-920