High Capacity V-Bank Carbon Filter

  • V-Bank configuration
  • 8x25mm Carbon Panels
  • Panels of HoneyComb structure filled with Carbon Granules
  • Scrim mesh to retain granules
  • Non-volatile, Non-toxic

Carbon V-Pack filters have high carbon content, with a variety of absorbents. Is constructed with ABS plastic end caps and a 25mm header, galvanised steel support struts, premium grade coconut shell carbon. Comes in two varieties High Capacity and Light Capacity.


These carbon filters are designed to improve the indoor air quality in a wide range of applications including most Kitchens, Bakeries, and anywhere requiring Gas Phase Applications and Odour Removal.



Part No Filter Size Holding Frame Size Initial Resistance @ 2.5m/sec Carbon Weight Per Filter
VAC-663HC 592x592x292 610x610x50 190 pa 15kg
VAC-633HC 592x290x292 610x305x50 190 pa 7kg
VAC-663LC 592x592x292 610x610x50 80 pa 9kg
VAC-633LC 592x290x292 610x305x50 80 pa 4kg