High Capacity Carbon Panels

High Capacity Carbon Panels

  • AluZinc Frame
  • 4B Oxpure Granulated Carbon
  • Comes in 50mm and 90mm Heights
  • Full Size 595x595x50/90mm or Half Size 295x595x50/90mm
  • Low Pressure drop

High Capacity Carbon Panels are manufactured from a AluZinc frame filled with Oxpure 4B carbon, which is a virgin extruded activated carbon produced from anthracite coal through a high temperature activation process under stringent quality controls. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, excellent pore volume and chemical stability, that makes it ideal for many vapor phase applications. It is very effective for the removal of organic compounds. Low pressure drop during use. Designed with wire mesh glued to the frame, so that the carbon granules cannot escape during use.

HCCP are used mainly for the removal of organic compounds, odour, gases and smells: these include;  Heli-Pads, Kitchens, Mines, Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Food Processing plants, Industrial etc.


Part No Actual Size Holding Frame Size Capacity L/s Face Velocity                m/s Pressure Pa 2.5m/s Final Carbon weight Media Volume c/m3
HCCP1 595x595x25 610x610x50 or slide 80 2.6 45 250            3.6Kg 8850
HCCP2 295x595x25 305x610x50 or slide 470 2.6 45 250            1.8Kg 4425
HCCP3 595x595x45 610x610x50 944 2.6 72 250           4Kg 9837
HCCP4 295x595x45 305x610x50 470 2.6 72 250           2Kg 4919
HCCP5 595x595x95 610x610x110 944 2.6 65 250           10Kg 24591
HCCP6 295x595x95 305x610110 470 2.6 65 250           5Kg 12295