HEPA Filters

  • HEPA's are the Highest Efficiency Filters available
  • Graded - 95% to 99.9995% @ 0.3pm
  • Various Sizes and Frame Heights
  • Quality Assurance Tested Systems
  • Highly Economical with high final pressure drop
  • Comes in Aluminium Separator /Separatorless/Gasket or Fluid Seal
  • All sizes manufactured to requirements

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters are mostly used in critical locations where the need for High Air Quality is essential, where strict quality checks and NATA certification is required.  The filter media is constructed from corrugated aluminium separators, which divides the sub-micron glass fibre's formed into high density media paper. This media is pleated to provide a high ratio of media area to face area, resulting in low media velocity, which is essential for Ultra High Efficiency Filtration. Gasket seals are provided to prevent any air or leakage bypass. Installation of Hepa Filters are to be in designed permanent mounting frames or modules and clamps are usually used to seal the HEPA and mounting frame as one. Pre-Filters are usually used to extend the life of the high performing HEPA filter.

Mainly used in critical conditions where cleanliness is essential. Hospitals, Operating Theatre's, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, Vets, Dental, Food Processing Industry etc.


MultiChoice P/N Actual Size Style Holding Frame Size(Module) Air Flow Nominal L/S Efficiency
%@0.3 micron Rating EN1822
Pressure Drop
HP-S1 305x305x149 Aluminium Sep. 345x345x80 72 99.99% H12 - 200pa
HP-S2 610x610x149 Aluminium Sep. 650x650x80 284 99.997% H13 - 250pa
HP-S3 610x1220x149 Aluminium Sep. 650x1260x80 565 99.999% H14 - 320pa
HP-S4 610x915x149 Aluminium Sep. 650x955x80 425

All sizes and widths available. Please contact MultiChoice Filters for pricing and availability.