Mini Pleat HEPA Filters

  • Mini Pleat HEPA's Efficiencies 95%-99.9995%
  • Graded - 95% to 99.9995% @ 0.3pm
  • High Grade Fibre Glass paper
  • Quality Assurance Tested Systems
  • Highly Economical with Low Pa and High Final Pa drops.
  • Gasket Seal to form Air tight seal
  • All sizes manufactured to requirements

Mini Pleat High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters are constructed with moisture resistant glass fibres formed into sheets of high density paper, pleated closely and held together and spaced by polyurethane hotmelt sealant beads, surrounded by an aluminium frame. Neoprene gasket seals are fitted around the edges to form an air tight seal and prevent any bypass leakages. Each HEPA has a perforated face guard on each side to protect the filter media. Installation of these HEPA's should be NATA certified before commencing activities. Pre-Filters are recommended to extend the life of the high performing final filter - The HEPA.

Mainly used in critical conditions where cleanliness is essential. Hospitals, Operating Theatre's, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, Vets, Dental, Food Processing Industry etc.


MultiChoice P/N Actual Size Style  

Air Flow Nom. 0.5 m/s

L/sec   - M3Hr


Air Flow Nom. 0.6 m/s

L/sec  - M3Hr

0.3 micron Rating EN1822
0.12 mic for U15/16 Clean Resistance Nom. Air 
HP-MP1 305x610x69 Mini Pleat-Face Guards   82          -     125   105         -      165 99.999% H14 - 125pa
HP-MP2 610x610x69 Mini Pleat-Face Guards   160        -     125   220        -      165 99.9995% U15 - 145pa
HP-MP3 610x1220x69 Mini Pleat-Face Guards   333        -    125   445        -      165 99.99995% U16 - 165pa
HP-MP4 610x915x69 Mini Pleat-Face Guards   252        -    125   333        -      165

All sizes and widths available. Please contact MultiChoice Filters for pricing and availability.